Bedford Central School District Community Investment Program/Capital Plan Updates

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TIMELINE UPDATE regarding the Bedford Central School District Community Investment Program/Capital Plan.  The BCSD Board of Education met on Wednesday, 12/12 and heard a presentations on the community feedback from the telephone & internet surveys, plus multiple Community Engagements, meetings, emails ~ representing over 1,000 communications.  The phone survey is statistically important as over half of the 500 respondents do not have children within the BCSD. It also had community representative numbers of men/women from various age brackets across our 59 sq. mile District.   Interestingly, over 70% of our citizens agree:  People move into this area because of the reputation of the Bedford Central School District, The quality of our public schools is the most important factor protecting property values, We get excellent value in education for the taxes we pay to the Bedford Central School District, We need to keep our school buildings up-to-date and in good condition to protect our community’s investment in those facilities, We need to take whatever steps are necessary to renovate our school buildings to accommodate up-to-date teaching, curriculum, and instructional technology, When it comes to building improvement plans, it is important to include green design features for energy efficiency and sustainability, School building design features should be taken advantage of as an opportunity for students to learn about energy efficiency and sustainability.  The BCSD Capital Planning Committee, Budget Advisory, Sustainability and other Citizens Advisory Committees are meeting frequently to ‘scrub’ the proposed capital plan to categorize items and prioritize their recommendations.  What’s next before the turn of the New Year?  The community is Invited to Attend or Watch the upcoming informative Board of Education Meeting on Wednesday, 12/19, 7pm Fox Lane Middle School Little Theater, BCSD Citizens Advisory Committees will present their line item details as well as Capital Plan Recommendations.   We encourage the community to attend the Board of Education meetings to be fully informed and part of the process.  Meetings can also be watched:  ONLINE @ BCSD-TV:  click here, Verizon Channel 1982, Cablevision Channel 18, Presentations will continue to be posted on