And on a lighter note, some shopping

in Essential Ramblings

So, I just had the funniest experience — I learned something cool on my own website!  I have been testing out an ad service that just streams a variety of ads on my home page — I know, I am totally selling out, but someone’s gotta pay the bills and working for free occasionally gets me down (after 7 years of it), so I am asking that we all grin and bear it.

ANYWAY, I was just about to do a little work and opened my site to find an ad about an LL Bean store opening in Yonkers — and to my friends, who know I never shop or find new stores exciting, I’ll tell you that LL Bean stores are FUN.  They’ve got everything a nature loving set of 9 and 11 year old boys could want — camping gear, kayaks, fishing stuff and of course clothes, but not many folks in my house care about that.  Anyway, this is not an ad, but a personal opinion that says — check it out — they are having Grand Opening stuff all weekend this weekend including free workshops like knot tying, and fly fishing, owls and hawks on show, gps use, etc.  View their site for more information about location and events happening throughout the weekend.  Who knows, you could fill the day for the kids AND get their winter clothes shopping done and they might not even notice.  Nice.

* And of course, the disclaimer…since it is obviously a Grand Opening weekend, I have not been to this particular store, so I am not officially saying it’s going to be awesome, but in the past when I have been to other LL Bean stores, I have liked them.  So there….