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This week we finally hit exhaustion.  We usually make it through a week or two before the reality of school hits us.  The kids try to be game for a while and then suddenly realize that school is EVERY day.  I am quite excited that next week is a short one.  Perfect, and just in time.  But in the meantime, I plan on enjoying the (very short seeming these days) weekend — there are TONS of activities around Westchester in the fall and I just live for seeing the events calendar so full of fun, and although it is tempting to just hang on the couch all weekend, save it for the winter — you will likely be stuck inside for months, get out now and enjoy the fall fun that abounds.  Check out EssentialMom.com‘s calendar page to find out what is happening — click here.  The leaves are crunching underfoot, the weather is still warm enough to enjoy, and the kids need to go out and be run after sitting in the classroom all week.  If you don’t want to leave the house, send them out to rake those leaves into a jumping pile — there are almost enough on the ground for some fun.   And if it’s raining?  Try the local libraries, they have a ton of welcome back to fall events going on too.