Advocacy Alert from the Child Care Council of Westchester

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Westchester County officials are trying to raise the amount that low-income parents must pay for subsidized child care. They have requested permission from New York State to increase this amount from 20% of a family’s income above the poverty level (as allowed in the County’s 2012 Budget) to 35%.  A single mom with two kids earning $29,000 per year would pay an additional  $1,500 per year, a disaster for a family barely making ends meet.*  Tell County Executive Astorino to stop his plan to raise the family share amount. It’s easy, CLICK HERE.  You can send an email to Mr. Astorino saying that children and families deserve our support and our investment in their future…and ours! Please help us send 1,000 messages by midnight on May 13th.  Westchester receives millions of dollars from New York State to support these subsidies. What’s more, the County budget included adequate revenues to continue allowing parents to pay only 20%. Recently, Mr. Astorino was quoted as saying that his attempts to cut the County budget have prompted no complaints from the public, despite thousands of protesters attending Budget hearings last fall.   Make sure Mr. Astorino hears loudly and clearly that Westchester residents want him to stop cutting budget expenditures that help children, youth and families thrive.
This advocacy alert is sent in collaboration with Westchester Children’s Association (
* The County median income for a single mother with children is $35,190. A family like this would pay $2,400 more per year, for an annual payment of $5,600.