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Many folks ask me about my advertising packages, how to get a story published, how to get their information out to my list about events, special happenings, their businesses, etc.  I have headed down the path of the non-profit model — I want to continue as a community resource; people love the calendar, they use the resources, they find things on here that help them in their daily lives as parents — but I hate selling ads.  So, I am turning the site over to you all — if you send me posts, stories, events, etc. I will post them, but in order to save my sanity, I need the submissions to come from the community.

Submissions will only be considered if entered by our form here and please READ parameters below.

Your best bets for getting something on are the following submissions:
— Events that are upcoming and open to the public, don’t submit after event/follow up stories
— Short and sweet rules the day — if I have to edit something down, it’s likely not getting another glance
— Ask nicely…and say thank you…I am doing my best to help you get your word out,  and it’s just me here
— Make it easy for me
— Remember I get HUNDREDS of requests a week…and though your idea, business, event, etc is central to you, it is one of hundreds of others