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I have a friend who is the ultimate gifter when it comes to hostess gifts.  She always has the perfect little thing and always remembers to say thank you.  I think I always remember to say thank you, but I never have the perfect little thing.  Honestly, it’s usually because I am super lazy and never think ahead.  Gifting has never been a strong suit and hostess gifts are really beyond my realm.  Anyway, my husband was in the city yesterday (luckily for our friends, he’s actually a good shopper) and brought home the cutest hostess gift wine tags for us to have waiting for those nights when I forget to get a gift and we have to do the “just go get a bottle of wine from the basement to take”.  Gorgeous and simple letter press wine tags with a to/from on one side, and a saying on the other.  They’re funny, but pretty and simple, and if I can’t remember to bring a bottle of wine with a tag at the very least, well, something is amiss.

Sayings include such clever bits as You’re welcome.  Let’s drink.; Tell me you have something to open this.; My wallet says this is the best wine money can buy.; It was this or boxed wine.; It’s red.  All you need to know.  Maybe not for a classy party — but a fun night over at a friend’s house, definitely.  Luckily they sell a 12 pack, so you can just put them in a drawer and take them out when needed.

The company is 9spotmonk, www.9spotmonk.com, and they also offer some good looking kids stuff, note-cards, and notebooks.

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