A last thought on Earth Day

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I just happened to be listening to the radio today and heard about an upcoming event featuring one of my idols in the world — Dr. Marissa Weiss.  Dr. Weiss is the founder of an amazing resource, www.breastcancer.org, and is one of the most inspiring and committed people I have had the chance to meet over the years.  I crossed paths with her a few years back and have watched her work from afar as the years have gone on, committing herself to not only the treatment of breast cancer, but to ways to actually affect the lives of people in treatment, recovering, or simply trying to prevent breast cancer.  Breastcancer.org provides resources for people newly diagnosed with breast cancer, for those who simply want to know what they can do to prevent cancer, and the latest in research and education around related issues.

Her most recent initiative, Think Pink, Live Green, is “a way of living that aims to help women reduce their risk of breast cancer or the disease coming back in survivors. It’s also a way for women living with advanced disease to make the healthiest choices possible.”  She provides articles on healthy eating, chemicals to avoid, and healthy lifestyle choices.  A great read whether you consider yourself a risk for breast cancer or not. Click here to read more.

If this seems up your alley, Dr. Weiss will be speaking at Hudson Valley Hospital Center on April 25th!  Read below for details and event information.

Organic Garden at HVHC

The Organic Garden for Healing at Hudson Valley Hospital Center is almost ready for its grand opening on April 25 with more than a dozen volunteers preparing the ground for planting.  Volunteers from Kohl’s department store, Eisai Oncology and Hospital staff worked from afternoon till sundown on April 17 moving topsoil and compost into the garden. The Organic Garden for Healing, part of the Hospital’s Cheryl R. Lindenbaum Cancer Center, will hold two special events on April 25 to dedicate the garden. The day’s events will start at 8:30 with a breakfast presentation featuring special guest speaker Dr. Marisa Weiss, President and Founder of Breastcancer.org followed by a dedication of the garden at 11 a.m.

Organic Garden for Healing will serve as the classroom for Hudson Valley Hospital Center’s Seeds for Health program, an educational and therapeutic program for cancer patients and their families. The program stresses the importance of nutrition in healing and the therapeutic value of gardening in managing stress and reducing anxiety. The program draws its inspiration from “Think Pink, Live Green.”  The brain child of Dr. Weiss, “Think Pink, Live Green” stresses the importance of lifestyle changes, including healthier eating, as a way to help prevent breast cancer and improve the health of those already diagnosed with the disease.

The Hospital approached Stone Barns Center for Food and Agriculture, a leader in the farm to table movement, to help plan the garden. Other partners include Shades of Green owner Myra Marsocci who designed the garden; Dain’s Lumber; Griffin Landscaping, Kohl’s department store; Peekskill Middle School and the engineering staff of Hudson Valley Hospital Center with special thanks to Sal DeMaio; Frank Garzione and Joe Smith for building the garden.

For more information or to register for Dr. Weiss’ presentation, call 914-734-3794 or register online.