July 2012

Thursday, July 26, 2012.  Washington Irving’s Sunnyside, 3 West Sunnyside Lane, Tarrytown, NY 10591.  Also August 2, 9, 16, 23, 30.  Parents and children are invited to travel back to the 19th century and explore the home of Washington Irving through a child’s eyes. Play games, hear stories, race through a scavenger hunt, and participate in hands-on-activities, including a new craft each week. Explore Sunnyside as a family home, specially set with period toys and children’s clothing, and bring a picnic to enjoy a  full day in the life of estate’s youngest residents.  July 26 Theme: Architecture & Design, Crafts: Design and make your own paper pocket watch.  Exploration Walk: What inspired Washington Irving to build his house? What shapes and stories can we find on the cottage? How would you design your dream house? What can we learn by looking at architecture?  10am to 5pm $12; $10 for seniors; $6 for children 3-17.  Free for members and children under 3.  Historic Hudson Valley, 639 Bedford Road, Pocantico Hills, NY 10591.  Phone: 914-631-8200, www.hudsonvalley.org.

The annual Moonviewing concert is a tradition that was begun by Natalie Hays Hammond in 1966. The Japanese Stroll Garden, lit by paper lanterns, is a magical setting for this ancient custom, which every August brings together people and traditions of the East and West. Traditional Japanese music – Koto and Shakuhachi flute – will be played.  Evening Schedule: 6:30 Bento box picnic, 7:00 Introduction to Tea Ceremony class by Michael McKenna, 8:30 Concert in the garden (weather permitting).  Concert Tickets:   Museum Members $15.00 Each, Non Members  $20.00 Each.  Bento Box Dinner: Pre Order your dinner by July 31st for $20. each.   Choice of Chicken, Salmon or Vegetarian.  To order call 914-669-5033.  Hammond Museum, gardenprogram@yahoo.com, 914-669-5033, www.hammondmuseum.org.  This concert is made possible, in part, by ArtsWestchester with funds from Westchester County Government.    Additional Funding also provided by M&T Bank. Saturday, August 4, 2012 from 6:30 PM to 10:00 PM.  Hammond Museum, 28 Deveau Rd, North Salem, NY 10560.

Author: Bianca Turetsky
Reviewed by Holly Cambareri as a sneak preview for Little Joe’s Books
(Publish date:  September 18, 2012)
The book, The Time Traveling Fashionista at the Palace of Marie Antoinette, was a good book. It is about Louise Lambert, a twelve year old girl from Fairview, Connecticut.  Louise is a normal twelve year old girl.  Her only quirk is her vintage style.  Louise’s style is unique. Nobody understands it!  Her mother complains about how her style of wearing “used” clothes is weird and her father probably doesn’t know what vintage means!  She finds out someone does understand when she goes to the Traveling Fashionista sale.  Maria and Glenda run the Fashionista sale and Louise is certain she can find something to wear to her best friend, Brooke’s, thirteenth birthday party.  But, what happens when a dress takes Louise back to the times of Marie Antoinette in Versailles!  Louise explores the past as beautiful Gabrielle, also known as Duchesse de Polignac.  Louise finds the true story of the times and tries to change history.  She finds out who Marie Antoinette really is.  She goes around as Marie Antoinette’s best friend.  Louise also meets sweet Princesse de Lamballe who later is going to get killed and have her head paraded through Versailles!  Louise meets Adelaide, the King’s daughter.  Adelaide has a secret identity too!  Louise looks for her magical dress, hoping to get back to the 21st century before the revolution.  Louise finds her dress and goes back to Fairview but the memories still haunt her.  It was a great book with everything it needed:  fights between friends, creativity and quirks.  It was a good book, but some spots were a little boring.  If you powered though the boring parts you had a great part ahead of you.  The ending was great and I wanted more!!!   I’d give this book 4.5 stars.  I’d recommend it to anyone who always likes to learn something new and loves creativity.  Bianca Turetsky did a great job on the book.  I loved it!!
Rating: 4.5 out of 5

Author: Emily M. Danforth
Reviewed by Isabelle Pierce as a sneak preview for Little Joe’s Books
The Miseducation of Cameron Post, by Emily M. Danforth, is about an orphaned lesbian growing up with her ultra homophobic aunt.  This book is very good because it is real.  It is not one of those books where love is always mutual and destroys all, because that is not how life works.  Cameron falls in love with a straight girl with a perfect boyfriend, who can not love her back because of her beliefs.  It is a story about being able to love yourself, despite all your flaws.  I recommend this book to lovers of realistic fiction, especially John Green readers.

Author: Patricia MacLachlan
Reviewed by Ashley Gambareri
The book is about 4 kids: Benny, Violet Jessie and Henry.  Benny is 5 years old.  Violet looks around 8 years old.  And Jessie and Henry look around 12 years old.  The story is about the 4 of them going on many fun experiences.
In the beginning there was a big snow storm and a family was driving across country and ended up stranded on the 4 kids’ road.  The stranded family went up to the 4 kids’ door and asked to stay for awhile.  In the family there were two kids and they were close in age to the 4 kids. Their names were Meg and William. They had a puppy named Joe.  Benny loved Joe, they were best friends.  Meg and William’s parent’s names are Sarah and Jake.  The family stayed for a long time because their car broke down.  The six kids loved playing together.  They even made a circus.
Then a little bit later the piece Jake needed to fix his car arrived. That meant they could journey back home.  The kids were very sad to leave each other but then they remember that they would be back in town next year to visit.  They all said goodbye and they were off.
Later that day Mama and Papa set out to deliver treats.  Then they did not return their neighbor Rubin and the police came down to their house and said that their parents had been killed in a bad car accident.  The kids were very sad. They didn’t want to be separated so they ran away.  They wanted to go visit Meg, William, Sarah, Jake and Joe and so they were off.

July 25th from 1:45-3:30 pm.  You and your children ages 8-16 are Invited to Preview the Launch of a Summer Computer Camp Program Just for Girls! We are holding a pilot program on July 25th from 1:45-3:30 pm at the SummerTech camp location at SUNY Purchase in Purchase, NY.  SummerTech is the leading day/residential summer camp specializing in computer training. The program aims to  develop cutting-edge computer skills, while building self-esteem and new friendships. It currently offers a co-ed curriculum featuring a range of sports, social and educational activities for boys and girls ages 8-16.  In response to camper/parent requests, a new program is being developed that specifically caters to girls. It will offer the same fully-packed camp curriculum, which includes the very best coding, animation and Web curriculum. However, SummerTech’s new camp for girls will be designed to empower girls to become high-tech learners, gain confidence as they excel, and discover the fun world of computers alongside new friends. Boys and girls will still join together at specified times throughout the day to enjoy an array of outdoor sports and indoor camp and social activities — in keeping with the camp philosophy of increasing confidence and developing lasting relationships.  Come with your child or children (only within camper ages 8-16) on July 25th for a day of:  Creating and Discovery With Computers, Fun Outdoor Games – Dodgeball, Frisbee, Kickball, Indoor Activities like Comedy Improv, Knowledge, Friendship and Community!   * If you attend this MeetUp, you will receive a $100 voucher towards SummerTech sign up.  Learn more about SummerTech here: www.summertech.net.

Looking for Something to Entertain the Kids? Visit Everyday Heroes Exhibition at Greenwich Historical.  In today’s parlance, the term “first responder” is associated with trained emergency professionals, but originally it meant literally the first person to respond in a crisis. Everyday Heroes: Greenwich First Responders chronicles the history of Greenwich’s Fire, Police and Emergency Medical Services beginning with General Putman, one of Greenwich’s “first” first responders who in 1779 rode to warn of invading British troops. Everyday Heroes will be closing its doors on August 26, 2012. Don’t miss the opportunity to visit this fascinating show at the Greenwich Historical Society that documents headline-making local disasters and chronicles emergency response throughout our town’s history. The exhibition also includes a hands-on gallery where kids can try on actual fire and police gear and learn what it takes to become a first responder.   Greenwich Historical Society, Storehouse Gallery, 39 Strickland Road, Cos Cob, CT.  Open Wednesday through Sunday, noon to 4:00 pm.  For more information, visit www.greenwichhistory.org.

Every Saturday in July the KMA Sculpture Garden will be the place for lunch.  Love on the Run, the Ladle of Love food truck, will sell light snacks and lunch fare from 11 – 3 pm.  The only electric food truck in operation (making its carbon footprint tiny), Love on the Run will offer all of your Ladle of Love favorites: sandwiches, salads, soup, delicious sweets, and beverages.   We’ll supply the tables and chairs – and our beautiful Norway Spruce trees will provide the shade. Bring friends, visitors and family for this special, art-filled al fresco dining experience!  Katonah Museum of Art, www.katonahmuseum.org.

A unique program for girls entering Fox Lane Middle School 6th grade in Fall 2012.  Social Life in Middle School: Laurie Ciavardini LCSW, will discuss social issues: boy problems, girl problems, making new friends, keeping old friends, balancing school work with social activities, and so much more.  Laurie has practiced in the community for over 11 years. She works with adolescents, young adults and adults.  Monday, July 23 at 6:00 pm.  Pizza will be served so registration is helpful! 914-234-3570, Bedford Village Library, Bedford.

Summer is already underway and with camp in session just seven weeks of the year, now is the time to research sleepaway camps for next season.  Noting that a child could potentially spend the next 10+ years at a camp – a substantial period in a child’s life – parents should invest the time and energy for this serious commitment.  To experience some of the best summer camps in America, here are the “why” and “how” for visiting and selecting the right camp now.  WHY VISIT?  You cannot replicate what you observe and experience at summer camp versus watching a video, reading a brochure, receiving information by phone or meeting with a director in your home.  A significant number of families do this due diligence.  If you take time to visit, you have a longer planning cycle to get your child (and you) ready for camp. Families can wisely explore the area that they and their children may be spending the next several years – especially if there are siblings – and assess vacation destination possibilities…not to mention memories they will create!  WHY NOW?  Visiting summer camps is a time sensitive process.  Families can only see camp in operation seven weeks (and often opening and final weeks are closed to visits) – now is the time to book by phone or email and go!  Families should decide in the prior summer which camp they will choose so they are ready to book once enrollment periods open.  Many age groups fill by middle-to-end of September.  Some camps may offer added value benefits for touring and booking early.  HOW?  Ideally take a private – not group – tour so you can see as much of the camp as possible in action and get to clearly assess the camp and director(s).  Observe and chat with campers one-on-one who are close in age to your child now as well as those who are five+ years older since that’s whom your child may emulate and grow to resemble later.  Look at where your child will live.  You should overlook some bunk messiness but not poorly maintained facilities.  Learn about the quality and type of activities, instruction and programming.  Ascertain if programming is scheduled by the camp, chosen by the camper, or a mixture of the two.   Advice and tips are provided by Maine Camp Experience, a community of nearly 30 premier Maine Camps that have been dedicated to providing children with the highest quality summer camp experiences in the country for generations.  The website, www.mainecampexperience.com, is the one-stop shopping resource for all things camp and Maine – complete with a “personal guide” to assist you – where parents can learn about summer camps, and find everything they need to plan a fun and memorable visit to Maine with their children. Maine Camp Experience: info@mainecampexperience.com, 877 92 MAINE / 877-926-2463, www.mainecampexperience.com.


Looking for a bucolic weekend getaway with friends and family this summer?
Two of the cottages on Glynwood’s property are available for weekend rentals from noon on Friday until Sunday at 6pm.  Take a hike on our beautiful 225 acres, visit our animals, see the gardens growing at Glynwood Farm, and enjoy the local sites and restaurants.   Appledore comfortably accommodates 5 people [$850 for the weekend] while the Old Farmhouse sleeps up to 12 [$2500 for the weekend] . Glynwood’s mission is to save farming by strengthening farm communities and regional food systems. Our goal is for small- and mid-sized farmers to thrive, on the land and in the marketplace.  For more information, availability and to make reservations, contact Michael Smith msmith@glynwood.org or by telephone 845-265-3338  x131.
Check it out at www.glynwood.org.


At NWH, we believe our patients should have a birthing experience designed to meet their expectations, keeping in mind what is advised medically, to assure the safest delivery for mother and baby.  From our physicians to our midwives, our team is committed to serving patients in the Mount Kisco and surrounding areas and as far as New York City and Connecticut.  Whether you are trying to get pregnant, facing challenges during your pregnancy, or having your fourth or fifth child, NWH offers leading-edge technology and highly-trained, experienced specialists who work together to ensure that you and your baby have a safe, well cared for, and enjoyable experience.  Classes include: One-Day Childbirth Class, Maternity Unit Tour, Sibling Class and Tour, Caring for Newborns, Preparing for Breastfeeding, and a new mom’s support group. Please call 914.666.1292, for more information or to register for any of these courses.  Northern Westchester Hospital, 400 East Main Street, Mount Kisco, NY 10549, visit www.nwhmaternalchild.org.

New mothers are invited to come with their new babies to meet other new moms and share information about newborn care.  The group meets once a month in the conference center from 1 pm to 3 pm.  For more information about this free program, please call 914.666.1030.  Northern Westchester Hospital, 400 East Main Street, Mount Kisco, NY 10549, click here to visit the site.

Saturday, July 28, 2012.  Open House: Adopt-A-Dog Animal Rescue & Shelter.  Get a behind-the-scenes tour of Adopt-A-Dog’s unique rescue facility. Meet and play with some of the available dogs that are waiting to capture your heart and learn how you can help change the life of an animal in need. Refreshments will be served. All ages. Arrive at your leisure between 12pm-3pm. FREE. 23 Cox Avenue, Armonk, NY. For more info, call (914) 273-1674. Visit www.adoptadog.org.

Tie on your canvas hats and take the family on a summer safari at the Bronx Zoo. Journey to the Wild Forest to check out giant LEGO sculptures of tigers, flamingos, gorillas, and other exotic wildlife, then visit their real-life counterparts around the zoo. View new LEGO sculptures built especially for the Bronx Zoo, on view just outside Zoo Center’s rhinoceros exhibit in our Wild Forest area. Information on the featured animals and the work to conserve them is included in the displays. LEGO Build Zone: With thousands of colorful LEGO bricks to choose from, kids can create their own sculptures of animals and help complete a vibrant Mystery Mural display at Dancing Crane Plaza. We will also display visitors’ own LEGO creations on bookshelves for all to see.  LEGO Family Challenge: How long will it take you to build your favorite animal out of LEGO bricks? Join LEGO Master Builder Dan Steininger as you compete with other families to find out who is fastest! Dan will offer tips and challenge participants to build wild animals including poison dart frogs, giraffes, and more.  Dates & Times: July 21, 11:00 a.m.–4:00 p.m.; August 11, 11:00 a.m.–4:00 p.m.
Location: World of Reptiles lawn.  Find out more at www.bronxzoo.com.