November 2011

I’m not much of a shopper.  I have little fashion sense and am happier in my sweatpants than Chanel, but I understand that I am in the minority (or at least that’s what the jokes about women say).  So, this week as you consider your post-Thanksgiving shopping binges, add “Small Shop Saturday” to your list of to do’s.  Go to whatever big box store you frequent on Friday to fight your way through the “deals” they offer, but save Saturday for a lovely stroll through town, a browse through your favorite boutique, or maybe a visit to a local purveyor of fine wines for the weekend!  American Express is encouraging shoppers to shop locally through their Small Business Saturday® program, a day dedicated to supporting small businesses.  Discounts will be offered at many stores.  Check if your local favorite is in the know!

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Beehive Co-op


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In a little town not far away…

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I know I have mentioned my love of ‘Dr Stu’ in the past and I will mention it again.  Dr Stuart Weitzman is a chiropractor in Bedford Hills who CARES about every pain you feel and every crooked bone in your body.  He has helped me with a terrible back, relieved my son of horrible pain in his neck, treats my husband for various aches and groans and does it all with a big heart and a welcome smile.  As always around the Holidays he runs a food drive for the Community Center of Northern Westchester.  Obviously you could drop supplies at the Center itself, or you can go in, get a tune up, reduce the stress you are inevitably holding in your body due to the Holidays and feel better about yourself in so many different ways!

Here’s the message he sent earlier…

“It’s Food Drive time again.   Our Food Drive will run through 12/28 so we can deliver it when resources are low from the holidays.   HARVEST  for the  HOLIDAY NOV. 1st – DEC. 28th,  2011.  In Support of: Community Center of Northern Westchester.  Where: Bedford Hills Family Chiropractic, 85 Adams Street, Bedford Hills, NY  10507, 914-242-8810.

Please join the office of Dr. Stuart Weitzman this holiday season by helping our Westchester area food pantries, soup kitchens, and neighbors in need.  You can assist by donating non-perishable food products.  We will be collecting these items at our office over the next two months.  These items will then be distributed throughout Northern Westchester to the families in need.  Your donations will provide hundreds of families with a memorable and joyful holiday.  Most needed food items:  Canned: Fruit, Vegetables, Tuna, Soup, Beef Stew, Chili, Spaghetti sauce, Beans, canned Meat   Other: Peanut butter, Jelly, Juice, Coffee, Tea bags, Flour, Cereal (hot or cold), Rice, Pasta, Condiments, boxed Snacks, Baby food, Diapers, any non-perishable items.

As always, our office would like to thank you in advance for your continued support in helping our neighboring friends.”  — Dr Stuart Weitzman, Ida and Diane,

If your children love Harry Potter as much as mine, I just saw the perfect weekend activity come across my desk (well, actually my in-box, but whatever).  This weekend (November 12-13) is apparently the Quidditch World Cup — held on nearby Randall’s Island.  Turns out there are Quidditch teams popping up all over the place (in particular on college campuses) and there is a real game with rules, a governing body and a multitude of teams from across the country.  The weekend promises games and a carnival atmosphere.  Rowdy college students in crazy outfits probably a side-benefit.  Now as a disclaimer, I have never been to this event, so who knows what the reality is, so use your own judgement please, but on closer inspection, I found the following —

Quidditch World Cup 2011, Randall’s Island, New York, NY,  A real-life Quidditch tournament extravaganza, on November 12-13 at Randall’s Island, best described by Fox news as “a cross between the superbowl and a medieval festival.”  The World Cup features:  100 college and high school teams from 22 states and four nations, Over 2,000 uniformed, caped, broom-riding athletes, Over a dozen Live rock bands, Wizard Wrock, Circus sideshows, live owl demonstrations, costumes and more, Live commentary on every field from professional improv comedians from the PIT club in NYC, Butterbeer, Turkey Legs, Bertie Botts beans, BBQ, chili, hot chocolate, real beer, and many other things your stomach desires, Wands, brooms, robes, scarves, and other wizardly gear for sale, with Championships in Icahn Stadium, a world class venue that seats 5,000.

Here’s a video of the weekend — looks like a totally silly college weekend.  Check it out for a taste:

Sounds like awesome chaos right?  If you have a little Potter or mini-Hermione, this might be worth a trip!  Oh, and with the Holidays coming up, if you can’t make it to the weekend’s fun, you can buy your Harry Potter goods at — they have the absolute best and most beautiful wands I’ve seen.  They are made of pretty woods, have tales and certificates that come with them, and a ton of choices to fit your wizard or witches individual personality — totally magical.


As Thanksgiving creeps up on us and THE HOLIDAYS loom in the not so distant future, keep an eye out for ways to get involved in the community — there are always a multitude of holiday drives, needs and more, and this year I think there will be even more than usual. People are hurting economically and lending even a small hand will make a world of difference.  Get together with friends to host a family, gather your children for a special ‘shop for others day’, or if that’s outside of the budget, how about looking around for those Birthday party gifts someone gave you that you are looking to “re-gift” to a new family because you already own two.  Any little bit helps….I will try to keep a list of opportunities on the site on our Non-Profits page, but here are the first requests that have come in for the season.

Open Door Family Medical Centers Toy Drive
Open Door is working to ensure that children of less fortunate families receive a brand new toy this holiday season.  Please donate a new toy for our youngest pateints, ages newborn to 14 years old.  Goal: 2,500 new, unwrapped toys for children newborn to 14 years old.  Maximum value: $20.  Now through December 10, 2011.  Toy ideas: baby toys, learning toys, dolls, super heroes, television characters, Dora the Explorer, Legos, trains, remote control vehicles, craft sets, paint sets, wallets, watches, silver jewelry, jewelry making kits, sporting goods, gift certificate to businesses in Open Door’s neighborhoods.  Donation locations: Mt Kisco Open Door, 30 West Main Street, Mt Kisco; Ossining Open Door, 165 Main Street, Ossining; Port Chester Open Door, 5 Grace Church Street, Port Chester; Sleepy Hollow Open Door, 80 Beekman Avenue, Sleepy Hollow.  Other ways to help: host a toy drive, host a game night, pass a “bucket for the holidays”, visit our wish lists on,, and, monetary donations and donations of gift wrap are also welcome, or join our team of wrappers and helpers!  For information, contact Alicia Ward, volunteer coordinator, 914-502-1468 or, visit  Bring joy this holiday season.  Please donate a new toy!

Holiday Adopt-A-Family Program for Friends of Karen
Watching the joyful expression of a child opening holiday gifts brings unforgettable happiness for every parent. Those happy moments can be so fleeting — especially when your child has a life-threatening illness. The Friends of Karen Adopt-A-Family Program allows you to fulfill the holiday wishes of critically ill children and their siblings. You may choose to purchase one gift for one child or several gifts. And if you don’t have time, make a cash donation and we will do the shopping!  Join us in making this a special time of joy for critically ill children and their families. If you are interested in participating in the program, please contact Volunteer Coordinator Denise Tredwell at 914-617-4052


Under Megan’s Law we get letters from our school updating us about the presence of sex offenders in local neighborhoods and I always take a deep breath before reading.  The horror of varying possibilities slip through my mind and I shiver at the thought of my precious children or the children of friends living around people that our legal system classifies as “high risk”.  The thought that anyone who is still considered HIGH risk lives anywhere near anyone is horrifying, yet they have to live somewhere and I can only hope that the justice system has “reformed” them and that they are no longer as risky as they are classified.  Right, I am trying to be PC.

Anyway, although we can’t control who lives near us, we can control how we educate ourselves and our children.  I was just read a posting on Bedford-Katonah Patch and while reading I saw that there is a speaker coming in from the Westchester County District Attorney’s Office to discuss Megan’s Law — if you can make it, it’s a start to fully being aware of what your rights are, the protection afforded your children, and how to make good decisions around educating yourself: the community meeting will be at the Bedford Town House at 321 Bedford Road in Bedford Hills on Nov. 9 at 7 p.m. The meeting is open to all members of the community.  I also read about a facebook page that connects people with the registry in your area — you can search by zip code for offenders in your area….click here.

To me, I think the registered offenders are usually the least risk to our kids, it’s the ones they haven’t found that scare me more.  Educate your children on stranger danger.  Talk about it honestly and frequently.

1.  Make sure your kids have a safe password that ANY friend, stranger or family member should know if they are picking them up from school — tell them NEVER to go with someone unless they know the password.
2.  Tell kids that no adult should EVER ask a child for help — finding a dog, giving directions or putting something in their car.
3.  If they are lost or nervous and can’t find a policeman somewhere, look for a mother with children.
4.  The simplest instructions to remember in any emergency — Run.  Yell.  Tell.

This is by no means a comprehensive list of things to talk about — for more resources check out