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Method 10533

Method 10533 of Irvington has introduced the River towns to “the Lagree Fitness Method” — the only workout ...

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The Therapy Nest

The Therapy Nest is excited to offer Tummy Time and Beyond—an infant workshop taught by an occupational therapist ...

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Adventures in Science – Virtual Worlds Institute: Cretaceous Seas

Adventures in Science - Virtual Worlds Institute: Cretaceous Seas. Monday-Friday, August 11-22, 9:00 am-4:00 pm. Grades 6, 7, 8. Your mission: travel back in time to investigate what is otherwise impossible to experience, the seas of the Cretaceous period. The American Museum of Natural History’s world-renowned fossil collections and exhibitions hold the key to understanding the prehistoric world. Resurrect a marine animal from 70 million years ago by designing realistic 3-D digital models and releasing them into a virtual Cretaceous sea environment. During your investigations, you will meet Museum scientists and explore the tools they use and specimens they study behind the scenes in the paleontological research laboratories. In addition, this experience will provide you with valuable information about high school internships and research opportunities at the American Museum of Natural History. Member price: $1050; Non-member price: $1100. American Museum of Natural History, Central Park West at 79th Street, New York, NY 10024; 212-769-5100 www.amnh.org